Brockton (Massachusetts)

Plymouth County


Brockton is a city in the U.S. state of Massachusetts with 94 304 inhabitants. It is located in Plymouth County and is adjacent to the city of Plymouth whose county seat ( county seat ).

Among other things, because it is a birthplace of the boxer Rocky Marciano is referred to the city as the City of Champions.


The town was first settled by pilgrims who came to the area in the 17th century. Over the years, Brockton became an important location of the textile and shoe production and was officially registered on April 9, 1881 as the community.

In 1883, an underground, designed by Thomas Alva Edison power grid was put into operation in Brockton.

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Thomas Andrews, politicians
  • Joe Callahan, hockey player
  • Frank D' Rone singer and guitarist
  • Henry Morton Dunham, organist and composer
  • Sonny Dunham, trumpeter and big band leader
  • Mark Egan, Jazz Musicians
  • Shawn Fanning, entrepreneurs
  • Paul Gonsalves, saxophonist
  • Scott Gordon, a former hockey player
  • Josh Hennessy, Hockey Player
  • Max Kaminsky, jazz trumpeter
  • Rocky Marciano, Boxer
  • Boomie Richman, jazz saxophonist
  • Charles Socarides, physician and psychiatrist
  • Kevin Stevens, a former hockey player
  • Gayle Tufts, entertainer

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