Brockum ( Low German: Broubm ) is a municipality of the velvet municipality Old Office Lemfoerde ( administrative seat Lemfoerde ) in Diepholz in Lower Saxony.

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Geographical Location

Brockum between Osnabrück and Bremen in the nature park Dumber. It is located about 3 km east of Lemfoerde and just north of the Stemweder mountain. In means 7 km north- west of the village, the lake spreads out Dumber.


In the sources Brockum 969 is as Bruochem, 1243 and 1247 as Brochem as Bruchem, which mentions " settlement at the broken " and was probably a Frankish settlement expansion.

Even in his early modern period Brockum took off through his fair, two windmills and a customs station of the neighboring villages. There was also a chapel with the high medieval Mary, Simon and Judas Patronzinium whose cemetery in 1460 was considered a " very old ".

A separate parish in 1661 by Dielingen cleaved (55? ) - The present church, built in 1833 to a design by Konsistorialbaumeisters Friedrich August Ludwig Hellner. 1894 West Tower of Bungenstock to the existing building was built, which was preserved after 1971 for the demolition of the church.

1673 a diet production material was created for the captain of gleams of half Grange. The manor house was converted Schmuttesche 1815/20 after Lemfoerde and expanded to Löwenapotheke.

1822 the village Brockum was affected by fire. The generosity of the population was required. In the " cell 's Gazette, together with contributions " of 2 and October 5, 1822, for example, presented the city Celler physicist Friedrich Ludwig Andreas Koeler first collection results for the local spent, which he had submitted to the Office Lemfoerde.

As in other similar cases (eg Bassum, " the wise Maaser " Rehburg ) has led the special position means that you as a shield citizens ridiculed the Brockumer ( Heinrich Meier's 1952 train recorded " Danne Brook - stories ").

The Brockumer market was for ages one stuff and horse market, originally parish fair, and was on the Tuesday after Simon and Jude (October 28 ) held. First mentioned in 1558 as a free market, and in 1573 as kermisse.


Parish council

The Council of the Municipality Brockum is made up of 11 council women and councilors.

Status: local elections on 11 September 2011


The honorary mayor Ingrid Thrien was first elected in 1996. Since November 2011, Marco lamp honorary mayor of Brockum.

Culture and sights


Ortsansäßig is the TSV Brockum. This offer is judo, soccer, tennis and senior sport. Furthermore, an international D- youth tournament takes place every year. It will convene the youth teams of national and international teams.

Regular events

Every year in late October to early November of Brockumer wholesale market place, a combination of amusement market, trade show and agricultural machinery exhibition to the over 200,000 visitors a year are expected. The conclusion of this four-day spectacle is always on Tuesdays, the traditional cattle market.

Economy and infrastructure


West passes close by the federal highway 51 Diepholz -Osnabrück.

Pictures of Brockum