Broderick Dyke

Broderick Dyke ( born December 31, 1960 in Gumeracha, South Australia ) is an Australian former tennis player.


Dyke was in 1977 in the finals of the singles and the doubles competition of the junior tournament, the Australian Open. He attended Wichita State University in Kansas. In 1982 he became a professional tennis player and was the same year along with Wayne Hampson in the final of the ATP tournaments of Adelaide and Melbourne. The following year he was in Auckland for the first time in a quarter-finals in singles. In addition, he was two more times in a double finals. 1984 get him to the side of his fellow countryman Wally Masur three doubles titles on the ATP World Tour. The following year he was again successful with Wally Masur go, but the three together reached finals they went each as losers from the square. In 1986 both in Auckland another common title. This should be in the individual also his most successful year. He reached the final at each of two consecutive tournaments. In Metz, he was defeated local hero Thierry Tulasne, in Brussels, he lost the final against Mats Wilander, having previously triumphed over Boris Becker and Miloslav Mečíř. In 1987, he won the title at the Challenger tournament in Jakarta as well as the doubles title in Tokyo at the side of Tom Nijssen. In August 1988, he had a shoulder surgery and was sidelined for several months. Throughout his career Dyke won eight doubles titles and another 14 times he stood in a final. Its highest listing in the tennis world ranking he reached position 35 in the singles and in 1984 with position 23 in a double 1986.

His best individual result at a Grand Slam tournament was the third- round participation in the Australian Open 1985. In the doubles competition in the same year he reached the semi-finals of the French Open, the Australian Open, he stood three times in the quarterfinals.

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