Brokdorf, in Low German: Brokdörp, is a municipality in the district of Steinburg, in Schleswig- Holstein.


Brokdorf is located fifteen kilometers southwest of Itzehoe in Wilstermarsch on the northern bank of the Elbe.


The place name goes back to one of the oldest Holstein families "of those of Brockdorff ." Who owes the village its first documentary mention in 1220 The Church of St. Nicholas ( Brokdorf ) was first mentioned in 1342.

In November 1976, in February 1977 in February 1981 and in June 1986 Great demonstrations of opponents of nuclear power against the Brokdorf nuclear power plant took place in Brokdorf by which the place was known nationwide. The plant went on line in 1986.


Of the eleven seats in the municipal council, the CDU has been the local elections 2008 nine seats and the two SPD.

Coat of arms

Blazon: " Azure, a tilted, silver flying fish about two silver shaft threads in the sign. "

The selected icon for the coat of arms are due to both historical and geographical circumstances. The flying fish is almost " verbatim " quotes from the arms of Brockdorff family. This old Holstein nobility had in this Kirchdorf probably his headquarters and called after him. The waves in the sign showing the vicinity of the located in the Wilstermarsch the dike place the Elbe. The good march soil allowed for a productive agriculture, the water near a modest waterway. The blue color represents the water shield.


Brokdorf located on the German Fährstraße and on the Green Coast road. The place has a GK and a leisure pool, which is open during the summer months. The leisure pool is heated and open in the months of May to September most of the year. Behind the dike can be recreational activities such as biking, inline skating or jogging exercise. Here also leads along the Elbe Cycle Route and the North Sea Cycle Route. At the community center has spaces for RVs. In addition, an ice rink is in place. The St. Nicholas Church is regularly used for sightseeing.

Economy and infrastructure

In the village there is the nuclear power plant Brokdorf