Bronk (TV series)

  • For the American poet William Bronk (1918-1999) see William Bronk.
  • For the television pioneer Otto von Bronk see Otto von Bronk.

Bronk was an American television series that was produced by MGM Television for CBS. Between 1975 and 1976, a season with 24 episodes with Jack Palance was in the lead role. The pilot episode was directed by Richard Donner. Among the guest stars in the series included, among others, Michael Parks, Mark Hamill, John Huston and Vic Morrow, she was nominated for a total of three Emmy Awards.


The detective Lieutenant Alex " Bronk " Bronkov is suspended when one of his colleagues in a drug raid is killed. The Mayor of Ocean City entrusted him then with the fight against corruption. Bronkovs partners are the former policeman Harry Mark, who now runs an auto recovery and Police Sergeant John Webber. Bronk's wife died in a car accident by which his daughter was also seriously injured and paralyzed, the care of his daughter in the series takes a lot of space.