Bronner (grape)

Bronner is a 1975 newly grown fungus-resistant white grape variety. The Bronner was at the State Institute of Viticulture Freiburg by Norbert Becker from the varieties Merzling (as parent species, ♀ ) and Gm 6494 crossed ( as Father population, ♂ ). Despite the influence of the grape Vitis amurensis on the variety Gm 6494 Bronner does not count to the family of hybrid vines.

Officially it is marked with the breeding line number FR 250-75. Since 1977, enjoys the Bronner Plant Variety Protection and is registered in the list of varieties.

The name " Bronner " was awarded in honor of Johann Philipp Bronner.

The wine-growing Freiburg operates, inter alia, the breeding fungus- resistant varieties (see also Ecological viticulture ), and makes an application for plant variety protection and plant variety registration in which official part by the Federal Office of Plant Varieties accordance with the provisions of the International Organization for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants (UPOV only for those varieties, based in Geneva ) is detected and confirmed the assignment to Rebart Vitis vinifera. Thus the wines appropriate varieties can come within the scope of the provisions of the European market organization as a quality wine on the market.

In addition to the Bronner were at the State Institute of Viticulture and Freiburg with Cabernet Carbon, Cabernet Carol, Cabernet Cortis, Cabernet Cantor, Baron, Prior and Monarch other red varieties and with Merzling, Helios, Solaris, Souvignier gris and Muscaris other white varieties as breeding successes with in 2008, over 350 hectares introduced in the market. The grape is also from St. John of Freiburg. See also the article viticulture in Germany and the list of grape varieties.

Properties of the Vine

Similarities to the Pinot Blanc are visible. The leaves are large, five-lobed and dark green. The grapes are medium in size. Bud break, flowering and maturing take place beginning in comparison with the white burgundy one weeks later. The frost resistance is considered to be very good. The location claims are similar to those of the Burgundian varieties, but require good water supply.

Characteristics of the wine

The wines are powerful, fruity and have similarities with the Pinot Blanc.


The grape Bronner is only known by the name of breeding stock number FR 250-75 or Freiburg 250-75.


Norbert Becker took to the intersection of this variety the parent varieties Merzling as mother and Gm 6494 as a father. Gm 6494 (or Geisenheim 6494 ) was a Sämlingspopulation, which was crossed in 1964 by Professor V. Kraus in the former Czechoslovakia from the varieties Zarya Severa x St. Laurent. Prof. Kraus provided the seedlings Prof. Dr. Helmut Becker (1927-1990), then at the Geisenheim Research Institute operates at who recognized the importance of this material and it continued to work on breeding in progeny tests. From Sämlingspopulation 6494 Gm Gm was the seedling 6494-5 read due to its special performance and later propagated under the varietal name Rondo as a separate variety and brought into practice.

Norbert Becker researched at the crossroads of Prof. V. Kraus in 1964 for the Sämlingspopulation who had received the designation 6494 Gm only in Geisenheim, mistakenly vine Saperavi Severni instead Zarya Severa as a mother places ♀. A differentiated rechecked by N. Becker's successor Volker Joerger together with colleagues from the Geisenheim Research Institute was able to show the error and the true parenthood now applies in professional circles since 2003 as a secured clarified. However, these findings could not be included in the 13th edition of the Handbook of grape varieties.

Ethnicity: Merzling x ( Zarya Severa x St. Laurent )

Other grape Bronner

Not only the intersection of Freiburg in 1975 but also another unrelated variety is known as Bronner. This vine is an open abgeblühter descendant of Pinot Blanc with only female flowers.

This grape is also known as Bronner Bronner White Grape and Gaman known white.