Brooks Wackerman

Brooks Wackerman (* February 15, 1977 ) is an American drummer. He is best known as the drummer for the American punk band Bad Religion.


He is the younger brother of Chad Wackerman, and attended Los Alamitos High School in Los Alamitos, California. In 1990, he began to play the drums and from 1991 to 1995 in his school jazz band active. He lives in Los Angeles, is married and has a family.


Wackerman was a drummer in 1991, founded by Steve Vai band Bad4Good. After this recording the album Refugee and hereby had no great commercial success, the band broke up in 1992.

Brooks played from 1993 Infectious Grooves and recorded the album Groove Family Cyco with the radio metal band in 1994. Wackerman was until 2000 the drummer of the band and played their previous studio album Mas Borracho in this year.

1997 Wackerman drummer of Suicidal Tendencies. With vocalist Mike Muir he has previously making music in Infectious Grooves. In 1998, the band's EP Six the Hard Way on the market, followed in 1999, the album Freedumb. In 2000 followed with Free Your Soul And Save My Mind, the latest step album of the band, which subsequently went to a break.

In the meantime, took Wackerman with the Vandals also in 2000, the album Look What I Almost Stepped In ... on and acted as a replacement for Josh Freese.

His main band was founded in 2001 Bad Religion. With Wackerman Bad Religion played five studio albums ( The Process of Belief, The Empire Strikes First, New Maps of Hell, The Dissent of Man and True North ) and can be seen on two live DVDs.

Brooks played in 2004 for two songs from Avril Lavigne's album Under My Skin ( "Nobody's Home" and " Together" ) the drums one. Also to hear he is on the album Untitled by Korn. In addition, since 2003 he is the drummer for Kidneys and plays since 2007 in The Innocent. Since 2008 he has been a member of Fear and the Nervous System, the second band Korn guitarist James Shaffer. The release of an album is planned for late 2008.

Wackerman is active as a singer in the band, founded in 2003 Hot Potty. The group brought out in 2003 the album One Step Closer To The Broadway.

Brooks Wackerman was 2006-2007 drummer on a tour of Tenacious D. Here he took the pseudonym " Colonel Sanders " on. Did he play at the festival Rock am Ring 2012 on 2 June 2012 again with Tenacious D. Transferring the appearance on the station Eins Plus ( Digital program ) was. He was also represented on the European tour in autumn 2012 with Tenacious D on drums.

In 2013 he leapt to Travis Barker Blink 182 's tour of Australia, where they played the Soundwave Festival and several sideshows.


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