Bros were an English pop band of the 1980s, the twin brothers Matt and Luke Goss.

Band History

The twins founded together with her school friend Craig Logan in the late 1980s, the band Cavier, they renamed later Bros. They found in Tom Watkins an experienced manager, who also oversaw the Pet Shop Boys, and Nicky Graham a successful Hitproduzenten. In 1987, she gained first attention with her ​​debut single I Owe You Nothing. With the second publication of When Will I Be Famous? followed in the same year the big international breakthrough. The song reached number two in the UK and came in many European countries in the top ten. Even in the U.S. singles chart, the song was able to place in the U.S. dance charts, it came in at number 10 Especially the two attractive twins attracted to the young audience and they were the most successful boy band this time. Your female followers were called " Brosettes ". Four top five hits in their homeland followed in 1988, which re-released I Owe You Nothing brought it up at number one in United States, it became the second Top Ten Dancehit. The debut album push came in at number two and sold over 1.2 million copies. The BRIT Awards they were awarded British Newcomer of the Year. International started the success during this year, but already subside.

In January 1989, we began to fracture between Logan and the two brothers. The bass player could not cope with the pressure to succeed and the limelight and so it came to the separation. Then he remained faithful to the music business and worked successfully in the background, among other things, he was Manager of Tina Turner and directed the RCA label. The twins went on as a duo. The separation followed by long legal battles around the band revenue, six lawsuits were in favor of Logan.

Also held for two Bros to the success of, at least in their home. In 1989, she had three more Top Ten hits and a second album entitled The Time came in at number four in the UK charts. At the end of the year they participated in the charity project Band Aid II The following year, but published only a single and was followed by a break. By the third album Changing Faces of 1991, but they remained well below its previous successes back and finally the brothers dissolved the band and went their separate ways. Matt Goss pursued a solo career as a singer and was on long, repeatedly pleading with smaller hits in the charts. Luke Goss was a musical actor, and finally an actor.

In her career Bros sold over 16 million records and went twice on a world tour. 2008 plans for a reunion were first announced, but later discarded. Even in the years after this was repeatedly brought into the conversation, without that it would have to be true.

Her most famous synthpop Success When Will I Be Famous is repeatedly from other bands gecovert in different styles (eg, Westlife, Audiosmog feat. Tobias Schlegl ). The Popstars candidate Mehdi had so 2007 minor hit in the charts ( No. 54 ).


  • Matthew Weston Goss (born 29 September 1968, London), singer
  • Craig Logan ( born April 22, 1969 in Fife, Scotland), bassist ( to 1989)






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