Bruce Kulick

Bruce Kulick ( born December 12, 1953 in Brooklyn ) is an American rock musician and member of the band Grand Funk Railroad. He is best known as a longtime guitarist of the band Kiss.


Bruce Kulick started his professional career with his brother Bob Kulick as guitarist for the touring band of Meat Loaf during the Bat Out Of Hell Tour 1977 - '78. He was also at this time guitarist in the band Black Jack, whose singer Michael Bolton was (still under his birth name Bolotin ). Kulick and Bolton were the main songwriter for the two albums Black Jack (1979) and Worlds Apart (1980), at Black Jack. Kulick took in 1980 as a session guitarist on the recording of the albums Tale Of The Tape by Billy Squier and Where's My Hero by Rozetta part, then he turned to a new band project and became a member of The Good Rats. With this group he joined in 1981 the album Great American Music on. His skills as a guitarist were also for the album Gypsy! asked by Stevie; Kulick also contributed Michael Bolton's first solo album guitar parts for two songs on.

In December 1984, Kulick replaced the sick with a form of arthritis Mark St. John at Kiss on lead guitar. Overall, Kulick played twelve years for Kiss and played on the albums Asylum, Crazy Nights, Hot in the Shade, Revenge and Carnival of Souls.

In 1995, Kiss played on MTV Unplugged. In this appearance, the founding members of Kiss, Peter Criss and Ace Frehley rose, a case additions. The experience at the gig with Criss and Frehley at the Unplugged show was so positive that the group in 1996 was in the original group and again with make -up on tour. This Kulick had in common with the former drummer Eric Singer, who now again playing with the group left the band.

Then Kulick founded with the dismissed at Motley Crue singer John Corabi, drummer Brent Fitz and bassist Jamie Hunting 1996, the band Union, with whom he released three albums. During this time he was also part of the Eric Singer Project ( ESP), a cover band that also Kiss drummer Eric Singer, John Corabi singer and bassist Karl Cochran participated. Since 2001 he is the lead guitarist of the band Grand Funk Railroad. In 2006 he played in It Snows in Hell on the album The Arockalypse Lordi, the lead guitar. In 2010 he played on the Lordi album " Babez for Breakfast" on the song " Call of the Wedding" the solo part.

Bruce Kulick plays guitar on a variety of tribute albums for other artists, many of which were produced by his brother Bob.

Kulick released three solo albums. The first, entitled Audio Dog dates back to 2001, 2003 the album followed Transformer. 2010 appeared BK3 on which, among other things Gene Simmons, John Corabi, Tobias Sammet and Doug Fieger participated as guest vocalist.

On January 4, 2014 Kulick married his girlfriend Lisa Lane.

Important shots

  • Meat Loaf - Live ( Promo LP) (1978 )
  • Blackjack - Blackjack (1979 )
  • Blackjack - Worlds Apart (1980 )
  • Rozetta - Where's My Hero (1980 )
  • Billy Squier - Tale of The Tape ( 1980)
  • Good Rats - Great American Music (1981 )
  • KISS - Asylum ( 1985)
  • KISS - Crazy Nights (1987 )
  • KISS - Hot In The Shade (1989 )
  • KISS - Revenge ( 1992)
  • KISS - Carnival of Souls (1996 )
  • Union - Union ( 1998)
  • Union - Live in the Galaxy (1999)
  • Union - The Blue Room (1999)
  • Daniel McCartney - Unbreakle (2000)
  • BK3 (2010)

Solo albums

  • Audio Dog ( 2001)
  • Transformer (2003)
  • BK3 (2010)