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The Brucht is an approximately 22 km long left tributary of the Nethe in the northern district Hoexter.


The Brucht rises to about 292 meters above sea level, about 500 meters east of Little Breden, a district of the city Marienmunster in a circle Hoexter. From there, the Brucht flows in a southwesterly direction to the Muenster - Marie Voerden and winds while maintaining their flow direction Bellersen.

2 km southwest of Bellersen takes Brucht from the right to the bottom stream which rises near Nieheim -Holzhausen. In the basic stream of springing between Pömbsen and Erwitzen mill creek, south of the springing of Pömbsen Emden Bach and a strong karstic spring open a Dividend Payment; above this source of Grundbach leads only temporarily water. From the mouth of the creek reason, the Brucht flows almost straight south on Hinnenburg / Good sheep farm and to Brakel; here in the Bruchtaue named after it enters the Brucht east of Brede occasionally after heavy rain very quickly over the banks and flooded the local meadows. There is also a weir to divert water into a mill stream, on which formerly were two mills, one of which is still in operation today. The arm which picks up the excess water, the actual Brucht is called here " Kaiwasser ". After about 700 meters, the two arms unite again, from here it is only about 800 meters to the confluence with the Nethe at 137 meters above sea level.


The largest tributary is the Grundbach more accurately described in the text above. Furthermore, lead, from the mouth to the source considered the smaller creeks including the Strullbach, Schlingbach, Heber Bach, Sepkerbach, Röthebach, Meier Bach, Bach Hake and Siechenbach in the Brucht one. In addition, in the upper and middle reaches of nameless lead several small rivulets in the Brucht.