Brunnthal is a community in the Upper Bavarian district of Munich. It extends to the Munich gravel plain south of the state capital of Munich.

Brunnthal, Kirchstockach with Neukirch Stockach, Forest Brunn and Gudrun settlement, Otterloh and Hofolding and Faistenhaar are located in the clearings of the Deisenhofener or Hofoldinger Forst residential projects. Other districts are Englwarting, Portenläng and Riedhausen.

Nationally known is the place located in the municipality by the motorway junction Munich South, which was formerly known as " Brunnthal Triangle".

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Community structure

For the community Brunnthal 10 officially designated community members are reported.

  • Brunnthal
  • Englwarting
  • Faistenhaar
  • Hofolding
  • Kirchstockach
  • Neukirch Stockach
  • Otterloh
  • Portenläng
  • Riedhausen
  • Waldbrunn


The community Brunnthal belonged to the district court Wolfratshausen. The church today part Hofolding was part of the electoral Hofmark Grünwald. Brunnthal and Hofolding 1818 were independent political communities in the course of administrative reform in the Kingdom of Bavaria.


On May 1, 1978, incorporated the then independent municipality Hofolding in the course of municipal reform.

With incorporation of part of the Hofoldinger Forst January 1, 2011, the area of the municipality increased by 11.16 km ².


The Catholic parish Brunnthal was formed from the previous Kuratien Brunnthal and Hofolding - Faistenhaar. Catholic churches and chapels are located in Brunnthal (Saint Nicholas), Hofolding (Holy Cross and St. Mary's Chapel ), Faistenhaar ( Saints Peter and Paul ) and Kirchstockach (Saint George). Since the merger of parishioners Association Hoehenkirchen -Siegertsbrunn with the parish of St. Nicholas Brunnthal on September 1, 2012, the parish of St. Nicholas Brunnthal by pastor Anton Wolf is supervised from height churches. Father Marek Bula OMI, who supervised the parish of St. Nicholas Brunnthal 2008 to 2012, joined the Pfarrverband dirt road. The district Otterloh is supervised by the parish Sauerlach. The municipality has no Brunnthal own Lutheran church and is supervised by the Cross of Christ Church parish churches height -Siegertsbrunn.


The community Brunnthal, despite its small population size and nationally well known. So it has managed the community to locate a very large commercial area and to create cultural institutions and the citizens of the community.

The program since 2009 include a branch of the School of Music Sauerlach Brunnthal, which has opened a new music room in Hofolding on April 26, 2013, which was inaugurated with the presence of the mayor by the priest Anton Wolf.

The boys club has set up a Maypole on May 1, 2013, which was made from a 102 years old spruce and is 36.5 meters high.



First Mayor of the municipality Brunnthal since 2002, Stefan Kern (CSU ). Since May 2008, he assumed this office full-time.

Coat of arms

Description: In blue with a silver stake; forward a golden crosier, behind an upright golden deer rod. The pile symbolizes the Roman road, which crosses the northern Hofoldinger forest (see Coat of arms of Aying ).


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