Bruno Faidutti

Bruno Faidutti ( born October 23, 1961) is a French game designer.

He has become known in Germany, especially through the game Citadels, which was published by Hans im Glück. It was on the shortlist for the Game of the Year 2000. Faidutti Bruno studied law, economics and history and a doctorate in history on mythology of the unicorn. He works as a high school teacher.

Bruno Faidutti games have a relatively high luck factor. Very important to the self-confessed poker fan is also the bluffing element. This can still be found for example in his card game Citadels. Faidutti is the author of several card games that have an exceptional depth of play despite the simple game material. Other important and successful title by Bruno Faidutti are: Bongo, Valley of the Mammoths, Tschach, Mission Planete Rouge and Warrior Knights.


  • Game of the Year Citadels: nominated in 2000
  • Boomtown: Recommendation List 2005
  • Diamond: Recommendation List 2005
  • Shadows over Camelot: Special Price " Fantastic game " 2006
  • Citadels: 6th place 2000
  • Citadels: nominated in 2001
  • Diamond: nominated in 2005
  • Citadels: 1st place 2000
  • Igloo Igloo: Games Hit with friends 2004
  • Diamond: Games Hit for Many 2005
  • The Affair of the Necklace: named in 2004
  • Citadels: Winners 2001