Bruno Kastner

Bruno Richard Otto Kastner (* January 30, 1890 in Forst ( Lausitz), † June 30, 1932 in Bad Kreuznach ) was a German actor who appeared primarily in silent films. He was considered one of the most popular German film actor of his time.


Bruno Kastner was born in 1890 the son of a tax collector in forestry. After attending high school in Fiirstenwalde Kastner joined the army, where he stayed only 17 days due Dienstuntauglichkeit. He then took acting lessons with the actor Paul Biensfeldt in Berlin, was engaged on the town theater Harburg. After some time on traveling theaters Kastner worked from 1911-1921 as a choir singer and actor at the Meinhard and Bernauer stages in Berlin.


The outbreak of the First World War brought to the service disabled Kastner breakthrough in the film. All fit for military service were conscripted actors, which actors were a rare scarce. Even in 1914 it was discovered Bruno Kastner by the Danish director Urban Gad, the wedding took him in comedy angels and the follow-up film Angels One a role on the side of Asta Nielsen. The young, good-looking and equipped with a winning smile Kastner quickly became the heartthrob, the post of the love letters from his female fans were delivered in laundry baskets. The male audience was less flattering names such as hangers and sparked a lively discussion about Kastner in newspapers and film magazines from. 1921 Bruno Kastner was voted best actor in Germany. The following year, he founded his own film company with which he was able to better set the scene. Kastner was from 1918 to 1927 first marriage to actress Ida Wüst, with whom he also shared in front of the camera and wrote screenplays.


After Bruno Kastner in 1924 had a serious motorcycle accident in Lugano, from which he never fully recovered, the star of the beautiful Bruno began to decline. Added to this was that the roles he remained as a young and seductive dandy, with whom he had particularly excited his female audience, denied by the progressive age. Finally, it also made the emergence of sound film the severely impaired by a speech impediment actor hard to keep his fans. Kastner suffered greatly under his declining popularity - June 30, 1932, he sat in a hotel room in Bad Kreuznach with only 42 years to end his life by hanging.