Bruno Risi

Bruno Risi ( born September 6, 1968 in Altdorf, Uri ) is a retired Swiss professional road bicycle racer. The five-time world champion in the points race and world and European champions in a two - team driving was mainly active on the web.

Driver Profile

Bruno Risi was a strong sprint, explosive and spectacular attacking cyclists, so he was very much in demand among every winter taking place six-day race. But he was also very persistent and tempo hard, which is why he succeeded again and again to dominate the competitions - first up to his resignation almost always with partner Kurt Betschart, later with other partners (including Franco Marvulli, Erik Zabel ).

Sports career

As early as 1991 Risi became world champion in the points race on the track in Stuttgart. 1992, 1994, 1999 and 2001, he was able to repeat this success. Together with his former partner Kurt Betschart standard he formed the most successful pairing in the Six Day Sports: 37 times the Swiss could decide a six-day race for themselves. In the main discipline of the six- day race, the two- team approach ( Madison ), Bruno Risi was a renowned specialist. 2003 and 2007 he won together with his compatriot Franco Marvulli in this discipline the world title. In 2004, he was with the same partner in a two- team driving by winning the silver medal celebrating the coronation of his career at the Olympic Games in Athens.

In his hometown Erstfeld was a place after Risi and his years of standard partner Kurt Betschart "Risk Betschart Square " named.

Bruno Risi ended his career with the winter track season 2009/2010. His last six-day race he competed in February 2010 in Copenhagen, where he finished in third place with Marvulli after he had won the Bremen Six Days in January for the last time.


In March 2014 was appointed honorary member of the Swiss Cycling Federation Bruno Risi Swiss Cycling.


Bruno Risi turned professional in November 1991. In Erstfeld grew up, he moved to Bourguillon 2005. He is married and has three children.

Success (Abstract)

  • World champion in the points race in 1991, 1992, 1994, 1999 and 2001;
  • World Champion World Champion in a two - team driving in 2003 and 2007 with Franco Marvulli
  • European champion Americaine 1995 and 2006
  • World record with Kurt Betschart as the default team: 37 wins in Six Days;
  • Silver Medal 2004 Athens Olympic Games Americaine
  • Three more podium finishes at World Championships ( 2nd place World Cup Americaine 2004 2nd place World Cup points race in 1990, 1997 and 3rd place World Cup Americaine 1995)

Victories in Six Days

With 61 victories Bruno Risi is ranked 5 of eternal ranking of the Six Day winner, behind Patrick Sercu (88 ), Danny Clark ( 74), René Pijnen (72) and Peter Post (65 ):

  • 2010: Bremen ( with Franco Marvulli )
  • 2009: Munich, Zurich ( with Franco Marvulli ), Hasselt ( with Kenny De Ketele )
  • 2008: Zurich ( 2 races ), Berlin, Copenhagen, Hasselt, Turin, Fiorenzuola d' Arda ( with Franco Marvulli )
  • 2007: Zurich, Copenhagen, Hasselt, Dortmund, Fiorenzuola d' Arda, Munich and Zuidlaren ( with Franco Marvulli ), Bremen ( with Erik Zabel ), Stuttgart ( with Franco Marvulli and Alexander Aeschbach )
  • 2006: Dortmund and Munich ( with Erik Zabel ), Maastricht ( with Franco Marvulli )
  • 2005: Stuttgart ( with Kurt Betschart and Franco Marvulli ), Berlin and Amsterdam ( with Kurt Betschart )
  • 2004: Bremen ( with Kurt Betschart )
  • 2003: Berlin, Dortmund and Munich ( with Kurt Betschart )
  • 2002: Bremen, Ghent and Stuttgart ( with Kurt Betschart )
  • 2000: Munich ( with Kurt Betschart ), Zurich ( with Kurt Betschart and Markus Zberg )
  • 1999: Bremen, Zurich and Dortmund ( with Kurt Betschart )
  • 1998: Munich, Zurich, Stuttgart and Herning ( with Kurt Betschart ) Fiorenzuola d' Arda ( with Giovanni Lombardi )
  • 1997: Dortmund, Leipzig and Munich ( with Kurt Betschart )
  • 1996: Zurich, Ghent and Copenhagen ( with Kurt Betschart )
  • 1995: Zurich, Bremen and Cologne ( with Kurt Betschart )
  • 1994: Copenhagen, Bordeaux and Munich ( with Kurt Betschart )
  • 1993: Zurich, Dortmund, Ghent and Munich ( with Kurt Betschart )
  • 1992: Zurich, Dortmund ( with Kurt Betschart )