Bruno Schleinstein

Bruno S. ( born June 2, 1932 as Bruno Schleinstein in Berlin- Friedrichshain; † August 11, 2010 in Berlin) was a German street musician and actor, " the unknown soldier of the German film ," like Werner Herzog puts it; his last name Bruno S. has kept secret in his films, in order to preserve his anonymity. In the lead role as Kaspar Hauser in Werner Herzog's film Every Man for Himself and God Against All Bruno S. gained a great reputation.


At the age of three years, the illegitimate son of a prostitute was first used in a home and spent the next 23 years in various homes and reformatories. With eight, 1941, he came (now Karl- Bonhoeffer- Psychiatric Hospital ), where doctors around experimenting with vaccines to supposedly feeble-minded children in the Wittenauer sanatoriums. 1956 Bruno was discharged as cured in the society. Bruno was an outsider all his life and was considered mentally retarded, he earned his living as an unskilled laborer in factories and as a street musician. Werner Herzog discovered him in Bruno, the black, a documentary about the Berlin outsider, and cast him in 1974 on the spot in the lead role of Kaspar Hauser in his film Every Man for Himself and God Against All, where Bruno S. by his very own presence on the canvas left a big impression.

Later Duke also, Bruno planned the lead role in his film adaptation of Woyzeck (published 1979) by Georg Büchner to give, but decided last minute that Klaus Kinski was the more appropriate choice for this role; as compensation for this reshuffle wrote Duke in less than a week the film Stroszek, in which Bruno was the title role made ​​for her: At the side of Eva Mattes he plays 1976 street musician Bruno Stroszek, who, released from prison, with his can not deal new life and emigrates to the United States. The film received much recognition both nationally and internationally.

In 2003, Bruno S. was - the stranger is completed death. This documentary by Miron Zownir illuminated Bruno's troubled past and his present struggle for existence. In the feature film Phantomanie ( Germany, 2009 Director: Miron Zownir, Music: Alec Empire ) returns Bruno S. at the side of Hans -Michael Rehberg, Geno Lechner, Natalia Avelon and Vivien Bullert after long decades of oblivion to the canvas back. In the role of Bruno, he reflects icy loneliness and despair in the midst of an absurd, inhumane world.

The American singer / songwriter Elliott Smith mentioned Bruno S. in his song " Color Bars " (Album: Figure 8), which states: "Bruno S. is a man to me, you're just some dude with a stilted attitude did you learned from tV. "

Bruno Schleinstein died on 11 August 2010 at the age of 78 years in Berlin from heart failure.