Brutal Verschimmelt

Brutal Verschimmelt (BV) was a punk band from Kempten ( Allgäu). She released an album in 1983 about Rock -O -Rama.


In 1980, Carlo Kallen together with school friends at first the band Adolf dispute & the Nazi criminals, from which initially Psychorotz and then Brutal Verschimmelt was. First concerts took place in the Allgäu region in the vicinity of the band B.Trug that mitzogen younger than older punks. B.Trug had at that time a record deal on the punk label rock - o-rama from Brühl and also mediated Brutal Verschimmelt there. A demo was sent to Herbert Egoldt, who took the band under contract. Egoldt invited the band in May 1983 to Cologne, where they recorded their debut album in 16 hours. Egoldt self-produced the LP. A self-designed record covers with an anti-war collage was rejected by Egoldt and replaced by a skeleton warrior with a mohawk who fights against some kind of monster. In the addendum to the left lyrics of the band were not published, probably because Egoldt already ogled at this time with the right rock market. The band only learned about it when sending their 100 free copies. Then she smeared these LPs and put in a separate sheet in which they agreed to.

Soon after the release of their debut album, the band broke up after drummer Francis got out and the band found a replacement. Carlo Kallen later played at the Ewings, chili confetti and the ordinary.

Over the years, the LP has become a sought rarity. The album was launched in 1990 for a second time without the band was informed. In January 2013 re-release was released as a double LP titled And the future is still red on Höhnie Records. The LP contains the album and the demo tape and a live recording of 25 February 1982. During this re-issues, three of the original members decided in June 2013 for nine dates as Brutal Verschimmelt to go on tour in Germany.