Bu Tao

Bu Tao (Chinese卜 涛; born January 15, 1983 in Henan, China) is a Chinese baseball player.

The 1,80 m tall and 86 kg Bu pitcher in the Chinese baseball team. He played until 2006 at the Jiangsu Hope Stars, from 2007 at the Sichuan Dragons. Bu represented his country at the World Baseball Classic in 2006 and 2009. He wears the number 68 in 2008, he took part in the Olympic Games. He was inducted into three games and him were doing two losses into account. Against Canada he let in 4 1/3 innings five earned runs on, against Cuba in just 1 1/ 3 innings even seven. Ironically, against the eventual gold medalist South Korea, he threw his best game when he had to admit in 3 2/ 3 innings no run, yet China lost the game 0-1.