Buada District

Buada is a district on the island nation of Nauru, in the center of the island. Here is the Buada Lagoon, one of the most beautiful and romantic places in the island. Buada bordered to the north and Denigomodu Nibok, to the east by Anibare, to the south Meneng and Yaren and to the west by Aiwo and Boe. In the field Buadas Arenibek, is named after the former name of a piece of land there. It is located north of the lagoon. There is also a chapel of the Reformed church.

It is the only landlocked district Nauru, so do not share on the coast, however. Was the only portion of the lagoon Buada is 2.6 km ² and has 739 inhabitants. It belongs to the same constituency Buada.

Historic Villages

By 1968, the current district Buada a Gau was, which consisted of 14 historic villages:

  • Abwaw
  • Adungidungur
  • Anakawidwo
  • Anoreo
  • Aromwemwe
  • Banga Banga
  • Bogi
  • Eanuawirieria
  • Eateegoba
  • Oreb
  • Redeta
  • Ubweno
  • Webwebin

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Sons and daughters of Buada