Buch am Irchel

View from the tower on Irchel book the Irschel

Book the Irschel is a municipality in the district of Andelfingen in the canton of Zurich in Switzerland. On 1 January 2013, the hamlet was Oberhueb (also Upper Hueb ) of book separated the Irschel and the community Neftenbach incorporated. Thus, the land area of ​​the municipality decreased by 4.6 hectares.

Coat of arms


The coat of arms depicts the documented since 1680 copper beech on the trunk of a mountain, a small wooded elevation, dar. It should either be a of the oldest known copper beeches in Europe. In 2007 it was badly damaged by a storm.

It's about the saga, after which flowed at a fratricide blood shall stain the leaves of the tree each from Ascension to red.

The name of the Irschel book is due in this area with a high probability of formerly existing substantial stocks ordinary book.


Book the Irschel located in Zurich's wine country and at the foot of Irchels. On the Irchel, at the highest point of the municipality ( 694 m asl), is a viewing tower. The whole ridge is heavily wooded. The forest area is 38 %, the arable land 56 % of the municipality.

The municipality consists of the villages and hamlets of Upper Book, book, Wiler, Bebikon and Desibach.

The community book the Irschel bordered to the northwest by the Irschel mountain, on the north by Volken, in the northeast to the village, to the southeast by Neftenbach, to the south and to the west by Dättlikon free stone depths.



Mayor 's Dominik cancer ( as of 2010).


For construction of the church Roman ruins came to light. In Zieglen more buildings are suspected of the same period, they have not been studied scientifically.

Book the Irschel was first mentioned in 1089 in a chronicle. Count Kuno von Achalm - Wülflingen gave away a part of the village and the church of the monastery of Zwiesel in Württemberg. Book arrived in the 13th century Habsburg possession.

Zurich took over in 1761 the rule book in the Irschel and incorporated it the bailiwick Andelfingen one.

In 1855, Book became an independent municipality.