Bucher Hydraulics

Bucher Hydraulics is in German Unterklettgau Grießen - based and internationally operating Hydraulic Division of the company listed on the SWX Swiss Exchange Swiss conglomerate Bucher Industries, Niederweningen ( ZH).

Field of activity

Bucher Hydraulics develops and produces propulsion and control technology in the field of mobile and industrial hydraulics. The range includes products for mobile and industrial hydraulics, hydraulic lift, hydraulic drives for high -voltage switches and adjustable height workbenches. Components include hydraulic pumps, hydraulic motors, valves, cylinders, hydraulic power packs, electronics as well as appropriate system solutions.


Maschinenfabrik Johann Bucher Guyer semolina was founded in 1923 in Grießen, today a district of Unterklettgau, Waldshut district. In Switzerland, the company had already been in 1807th In 1952, the German company was converted into a limited partnership, and later into a GmbH.

From the mid- 1970s, and especially since the mid- 1990s, the company expanded in foreign markets by establishing production and sales offices and corporate takeovers. Meanwhile, it is present with its own subsidiaries in France, Austria, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland, Taiwan, the USA, Turkey, China and India.

Were taken, among others, the Italian company " Hidroirma " (1994), " Beringer hydraulic " in Neuheim, Switzerland (1996 ), " Hydro Technology " in Frutigen, Switzerland (1997), "Ding child " in Taiwan ( 1997), " Truninger AG " in Solothurn, Switzerland (2000), " Monarch Hydraulics " in the U.S. ( 2007) and " Command Controls " (2008), also in the USA.

1996 saw the formation of the Division Bucher Hydraulics with corporate management in Unterklettgau - Grießen. 2001 Bucher Hydraulics became the umbrella brand.