Buchlovice ( German Buchlowitz ) is a stain at the foot of Mars Mountains in the Czech Republic. It is located eight kilometers northwest of the county town of Uherské Hradiště and belongs to Okres Uherské Hradiště.


Buchlovice was first mentioned in the late 13th century. It was then owned by the gentry. In the 15th century, the lords of Krawarn and Domamyslice could acquire and unite a large part of territorially dispersed ownership. They were followed by 1540, the Lords of Žerotín that the village Buchlovice pasted the castle Buchlov rule. 1644 acquired Mr. Peter Wood of Peterswald the combined reigns Buchlov and Buchlovice. Johann Dietrich Peter forest of Peterswald Built in the early 18th century, the Buchlovice castle with a magnificent park and made Buchlovice the center of the rule. The construction activities and the establishment of authoritarian offices had an economic boom resulted.

Buchlovice 1805 received the rank of town, where every year in four annual fairs were to be held. For 1838 311 homes are detected in Buchlovice.

The Count Berchtold, which Buchlovice belonged since 1763 to merits earned by the economic and cultural development and the common good of the town, which remained in their possession until 1945. It included the reconnaissance Leopold (1759-1809), the scientist Friedrich (1780-1876) and the Austrian Foreign Minister Leopold Berchtold.

In 2006 Buchlovice was given the status of a Městys. Today, the town has an importance as an industrial center for the area.

Community structure

Districts are not designated for the spots Buchlovice. To Buchlovice include the settlements Buchlov Chrastě, Lázně Leopoldov, Smraďavka, Trnávky, Újezda and Zahrady.

Partner communities

  • Chotoviny, Czech Republic
  • Soblahov, Slovakia


  • Buchlovice
  • Buchlov
  • Chapel of St. Barbara in Buchlov
  • Hunting lodge in Lázně Leopoldov
  • The parish church of St. Martin in 1650 rebuilt in the Baroque style.
  • The former belonged to Elizabeth Chapel 1619 the Brethren and served after 1766 as a military depot.