Buck Island Reef National Monument

The Buck Iceland Reef [ bʌk aɪlənd ri ː f] ( German - Reef ) is a national monument declared coral reef off Buck Iceland, a small, uninhabited island of the U.S. Virgin Islands.


Buck Iceland has a size of 0.7 square kilometers and is 2.4 km north of Saint Croix. The nature reserve was established in 1961 and 2001 significantly expanded against the fierce resistance of the local fishermen. Large parts of the area, which are managed by the National Park Service, are under water. The marine ecosystem around the island is a coral reef that surrounds the island to almost 2/3. Many endangered species of fish live in the reef. On the island, many sea turtles lay their eggs, she is also the home of the Little Tern.

Clear water, stunning coral and the lack of other tourist activities make the island a paradise for divers. There is a marked underwater trail for snorkeling near the eastern tip of the island. The western part consists of white sand beach, from where boat trips to the reef are possible.