Buckler Cars

The Buckler Engineering Ltd.. was a British automobile manufacturer in Crowthorne (Berkshire ). There, in 1949 and 1962 sports car manufactured between. Founder and owner was David Buckler.

The fabricator drew its engines mainly by Ford or Coventry Climax. 1949, the first car, the Mark V Airflow was with 1172 cc Ford four-cylinder engine introduced. It was the first car in the UK, which had a spaceframe. From 1950, in addition to the Ford engines, works by Coventry Climax were used. The last model, the 1957 to 1962 Mark made ​​DD2, could - depending on the customer - are equipped with all kinds of engines up to 2.0 liters of displacement.

After 1957, as the last new model of marrow BB ( BB = Backbone ( German: Backbone ) ) was developed. And there was only a prototype.

End of the 1950s, Buckler sold his company for health reasons. The new owners built the current models still further to 1962.


Pictures of Buckler Cars