Buda ( German oven, latin Aquincum ) is the west of the Danube -lying district of the Hungarian capital Budapest, whose name is composed of the 1873 final combined historic towns of Buda and Pest. Buda takes about a third of the city area.

Origin of the name

The word Buda is according to the " Etymological Dictionary of Geographical Names " ( Földrajzi nevek etimológiai szótára ) by Lajos Kiss probably of Slavic origin. The Slavic name Budim or hereafter Budín means " what belongs to Buda " (quoted in Hungarian Budáé ). The theory that the name is due to the person's name Buda or Bleda, brother of Attila the Hun, is not proven.

Jakab Rupp was in his work " The history of Buda - Pest and its surroundings " ( Buda - Pest és környékének helyrajzi története ) of 1868 of the opinion that already mentioned the location in today's Óbuda Roman town of Aquincum due to the Slavonic translation of the first part of the name Aqua- Voda had been. This name was taken over by the Hungarians to Buda.

The common name later Oven carried over from the located on the eastern side of the Danube city of Pest, whose name is of Slavic origin and as a furnace ( Slavic pec ) was translated. During evacuation of the Pest citizens in the Buda Castle at the time of the Tatar storm of 1241 the name was " taken away ".

In the Croatian language we are accustomed today still often say something is happening or " Buda " ( Slavic na Budimu, unlike u Budimu, dt " Buda "). Here is obviously the whole village or the entire present-day district including the Castle Hill and the settlement equated "to" the mountain.


The city was the capital of the 1361-1541 Hungarian Empire before it was conquered by the Ottoman Empire. It was not until 140 years later, after the relief of Vienna in 1683, referred to by the Polish King Jan Sobieski allied troops of the relief army were advancing towards the east and reached the town of Buda 1684th 1686 Buda was recaptured. From 1723 plague was the seat of the administrative management of the kingdom, right up there with Buda and Óbuda (formerly Old - oven ) was to form Budapest.