Buddhist calendar

The Buddhist era (also: Buddhist Era / BE ) is a especially in the countries of the " Southern Buddhism " (Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Thailand, etc.) used and the year of death of Siddhartha Gautama ( 544 BC) incipient era.

The year 2014 of the Buddhist era, according to So is the year 2558, provided 544 BC as the year 1 BE is seen. In the publications of some except Asian Buddhist Communities (especially Australia, Europe, USA) therefore often find themselves two years information. However, the usual in Thailand era is the year of the Parinirvana of the Buddha as year 0, so is the year 2014 in the alternative Buddhist era (Thailand, Laos ) the year 2557 BE

The abbreviation B.B.E. (Before Buddhist Era) is used for annual data before the Buddhist era ( eg birth of Siddhartha Gautama 80 BBE ).

As there are different ideas about "New Year" is in Buddhist countries, may be a year of the Buddhist era on January 1, with the first spring moon ( Tet, Chinese New Year ), with the fourth full moon of the lunar year ( Vesakh ), or a begin another day.

However, rather the Buddhist era has changed since the 2500th Buddha Jayanti celebrations of the Year in 1956 worldwide enforced by the beginning of January 1.