A budget [ bydʒe ] ( a fixed budget is also called Etat [ eta ] ) is a - mostly - in value terms quantities ( amounts of money ) formulated plan of expected future income and expenses. Colloquially, the term also an available amount of money for a particular purpose.

Special use in individual economic and legal areas:

  • In the microeconomic household theory ( Economics) the disposable income to consume a private household, see household optimum
  • In government, general government, comparison of revenue and expenditure by chapter and title for one year ( see Budget )
  • In Business Administration ( BWL ) a short-term, operational business plan, which reflects the business for the coming fiscal year; see budgeting, business planning
  • In the private financial planning declares a desirable target state private liquidity calculation is referred to as a private budget.
  • In marketing in communications planning; see budgeting ( communication policy )
  • Healthcare a spending plan for limiting the statutory health insurance costs for next year; see budgeting (Health Care)
  • The term budget ( Social Security ) is used in the Social Security to set binding output volumes of certain benefits for service providers or for the insured and limiting.
  • In German 9 of the Social Code (§ 17 SGB IX ) are regulated entitlements of people with disabilities as a budget- enabled capabilities ( Personal Budget )
  • In the film industry, the authorized sum of money to make a film, see film budget

Also, referred to Budget:

  • Accountancy
  • Economics