Buff (clothing)

A neck gaiter is a multifunctional cloth that can be worn on the head on the neck or on the arm. It consists of a mostly patterned or otherwise colored designed square piece of elastic material in which two opposite sides are sewn together, so that it gives a " fuel hose ". In the present manufacturing method will be more likely resort to the modern textile processing. Here, the multipurpose cloth without seams and are made from one piece.


The neck gaiter is designed for runners, cyclists and motorcyclists, depending on the application, especially to protect against the cold. For the extreme range there are special cloths that are processed with fleece. The cloth can be used as a scarf, scarf, wristband, headband, hairband, balaclava or scarf.

In the NVA a hose cloth belonged to the standard equipment of a soldier, and was known under the name "Grandma ".