Buffer strip

A field margins is a working edge area of arable land that is farmed without the use of herbicides and pesticides, so there spread wild herbs and adapted to them and wildlife can survive. In contrast to flower strips, which are sown in the spring with a Blühmischung, the goal of field margins is the promotion of on-site soil-borne wild herbs ( Segetalpflanzen ).

Larger areas, which are managed according to this concept are referred to as protection fields.

Promote Individual Länder co-financed by the European Union, the so-called field margins program the creation of these areas by pay compensation to the participating farmers. Especially in the 1980s were field margins, based on the initiative of W. Schumacher in North Rhine -Westphalia, an almost nationwide common concept of protection that is currently rapidly declining due to the bureaucracy, however.

Through field margins not only supporting biodiversity, may pick also natural enemies of pests develop. The pests are reduced in a biological way.