Bug River

View of the bow at Włodawa

Location of the bug in Polish river system

Course of the river

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The bug also called Western Bug, (Ukrainian and Belarusian Буг, Західний Буг ) is a river in Ukraine, Poland and Belarus.


The bow rises in Galicia in the western Ukraine east of Lviv. He turns first to the West, but turns shortly after Kamianka - Buska north. He passes through the city of Brest, after which he then in a left curve always runs west and near Warsaw flows after a run of 772 km in the Zegrzynski reservoir dammed Narew, just before this flows into the Vistula.

The bug goes to its lower reaches between the mouth and Brest, where he river forms the border between Poland and Belarus, to a waterway system leading from the Baltic to the Black Sea. Meanwhile, the river systems of the Vistula and Dnieper connecting midsection leads the short bow inflow Muchawez at Brest upwards and then through the Dnieper-Bug Canal ( Dnjeprowsko Bugskij - channel) to the east of the main European watershed.

Border river

In the longest part of its course, the bug was fixed in 1945, the eastern border of Poland and thus since 1 May 2004, the eastern EU external border:

From the North: 52 ° 16 ' 59 " N, 23 ° 10' 44" O52.28305555555623.178888888889 to the south: 50 ° 38 ' 12 " N, 24 ° 5' 47" O50.63666666666724.096388888889 - crow 194 km

From the end of the Polish campaign in the fall of 1939 to the beginning of Operation Barbarossa in 1941 was on the Western Bug, the interest agreed border between the German Reich and the Soviet Union.