Buga, Valle del Cauca

Buga is a town in the department of Valle del Cauca in Colombia with around 114,000 inhabitants. The full name is Guadalajara de Buga The " Ciudad Señora ," as it is also called, is known mainly for its " Basílica del Señor de los Milagros ".


Buga, the 400 -year-old city of Valle del Cauca and one of the oldest in Colombia, was founded according to historians four times, each in different places and at different times.

The first foundation, the date of which is unknown, was ordered by the governor (Governor ) Sebastián de Belalcázar.

The second foundation of 1554-1555 under the name " Nueva Jerez de los Caballeros " was done on the orders of Pedro Fernández del Busto and was carried out by Giraldo Gil de Estupiñán.

The third foundation of 1557-1559 took place under Governor Luis de Guzmán and was conducted by Rodrigo Diez de Fuenmayor. The city was given the name Guadalajara de Buga The site was Valle de Tunessi.

The relocation and reestablishment of the city took place on March 4, 1570 and was ordered and executed by Governor Alvaro de Mendoza y Carvajal. He named the city " Guadalajara de Nuestra Señora de la Victoria de Buga ".

Definitively, the city was moved to its present location in 1573 under Governor Jerónimo de Silva Beltrán de Unzueta. Since then, the city has its present name Guadalajara de Buga

Buga was appointed on February 2, 1884 to the city.


Sons and daughters of the town

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