Buick Apollo

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The Buick Apollo was a series of cars that have been manufactured 1973-1975 by Buick in the United States. The cars were built on the GM X platform and were 100 nhp (74 kW) driven by straight-six engines with 4097 cc capacity and performance. On request, a V8 engine with 5735 cc and 150 nhp (110 kW) was available. It double or quad carburetors were used.

In 1975, a base V8 Oldsmobile with 4261 cc and 110 nhp (81 kW) to it. The vehicles were four-door sedans, two-door coupe or three-door station wagon coupe available. The two- and three-door model in 1975 renamed Skylark, the four-door model in the following year.

A GSX package it was in 1974 for the coupe. This car was available in white or red, and had a black grille, special trim, bucket seats and other special equipment.

Other special equipment included side strips with chrome colored border lines that reinforced the impression of luxury. They ran along the three rectangular decorative vents on both sides of the car from front to back. Similarly, there was chrome trim for the side window and large chrome panels in the lower part of the doors in the two- and three-door. There was also a particularly large front bumper, the front and rear still complemented the already huge bumper. Various axle and hub caps, and white wall tires were available, as well as sport mirror left and right for a sporty look.

A hidden radio antenna under the hood allowed an especially good reception, so an outdoor antenna was no longer necessary.