Buick Electra

The Buick Electra was a series of cars that have been manufactured from autumn 1958 to spring 1990 by Buick as the successor of the types Roadmaster and Limited in the United States. When Buick Electra 225, the manufacturer's flagship model, the number referring to the length of the first so- named model, which was about 225 inches (5.71 m).

Model history

Electra (1958-1960)

Buick Electra 225 Sedan ( 1959)

Until 1958, were called the big Buick Roadmaster and Limited models. These were renamed with the introduction of the model year 1959 in the fall of 1958; Electra replaced the Roadmaster, Electra 225 the Limited. Top of the range was the Electra 225 Riviera, a pillar -less four-door six- window hardtop sedan, whose roof line the same time built Cadillac Fleetwood met and in which the huge delta wings ( wing-shaped outward -looking tail fins ) were used.

The Electra 225 from 1958 was intended for the upper luxury segment. The extra long size 225 version was in the car body form (Model 4839 -Four - Door Hardtop Sedan [ Flattop ] ) 10491 times, in the version (Model 4829 Four - Door Riviera Sedan [ see picture ] ) in 6324 copies and the Cabriolet 5493 piece built.

Motorized were Electra and Electra 225 by a V8 with Carter four -barrel carburetor, which had a displacement of 6572 cc and a power output of 325 hp ( 239 kW) at 4400 min -1. About a Dynaflow automatic transmission, the rear wheels were driven.

In 1960, the Electra instead of a two-door convertible hardtop offered. The convertible was available only as a Electra 225

Until the autumn of 1960 created 121 807 copies of Electra and Electra 225

Electra / Electra 225 (1961-1964)

Buick Electra 225 Sedan (1962 )

For model year 1961, the bodies were completely redrawn. The extensive delta wings were gone and had made a more objective form of space. While there was a four-door sedan, a four-door hardtop sedan and a two-door hardtop coupe from the Electra, the Electra 225 was available only as a four-door hardtop sedan or two-door convertible. The performance of the 6.6 V8 engine remained at 325 hp ( 239 kW).

1962 Buick introduced the Electra regular one. The Electra 225 was further built, as a convertible and a coupe with two doors and a hardtop sedan and sedan with four doors. A year later, the name Riviera disappeared for the hardtop versions and called from there to the Buick Riviera, with boarding the company in the market of personal luxury cars.

For model year 1964, there was again a facelift which gave the car bulkier bumpers and vertical taillights.

From early 1961 until late 1964, 238 208 copies of the Electra and Electra 225 models were built.

Electra 225 / Electra 225 Custom ( 1965-1970 )

Buick Electra 225 Sedan ( 1965)

For model year 1965 all GM cars received new bodywork with flowing lines and in the coupe, tilted C-pillar ( hatchback design ). The six- window sedans were discontinued. Buick changed its marketing strategy and offered the Electra 225 in two versions: as the basic model and a better-equipped Custom. For the Electra 225 Custom Limited, there was a package with more comfort-oriented equipment.

From model year 1968, the wipers disappeared at rest behind a raised lip of the rear hood edge. 1969 eliminated the vent windows in the front doors.

As before, the Electra 225 was powered by the famous 6.6 -liter V8 engine. From model year 1967, a new V8 engine with 7,046 cc displacement and an output of 360 hp (265 kW) at 5000 min-1 was used. It was equipped with a four -barrel carburetor Rochester. 1970 replaced a version with 7456 cc capacity this machine. They made ​​370 hp ( 272 kW). Automatic transmission were consistently series. As early as 1964, the automatic used anywhere at GM type THM 400 was used.

In just six years, 699 472 units of this Electra series were produced.

Electra 225 / Electra 225 Custom ( Limited) / Electra Limited ( 1970-1976 )

Buick Electra 225 Hardtop Coupe (1973 )

From late 1970 to autumn 1973, all Electra 225 were two - or four-door hardtop models, the previously available four-door sedans and convertibles ( B- pillar) no longer existed.

The end of 1973 took over Buick, like other GM brands, for the coupe body with a new B-pillar; Electra Limited coupe, there were also with Landau vinyl roof, which only spanned the rear roof section. From model year 1974, also driver and passenger airbags as well as Max Trac, an early form of traction control, available at additional cost.

From autumn 1974, all Electra 225 coupes had fixed rear side windows and B-pillars. In the same year models received the refreshed front sections with rectangular double headlights and revised interior. The four-door pfostenlos remained until the end of the series in the summer of 1976.

Also in 1974 came a Park Avenue package into the program, which was initially only available for the four-door Electra 225 Limited. The package included special seat covers, thicker carpets, additional noise insulation and a suede headliner. In addition, there was the Park Avenue Deluxe offered only in 1975, in which each available for the Electra extra was standard with on board.

In the fall of 1975, the Electra was slight changes to the grille and bumper. The front turn signal emigrated from the bumper just below the headlights; the modified grill was not made ​​of metal but of plastic. The Park Avenue package was still available, the Park Avenue is no longer Deluxe - he had sold only 37 times in the previous year.

All Electra 225 of the fourth generation were powered by 7.5 -liter V8, the 1971 still 315 SAE gross bhp, 1976 by ​​net - standard 205 hp. The power loss was due to the changed measurement standards, but also to the increasingly stringent U.S. emission laws; but even the engine of 1976 waited with 470 Nm of torque.

The 7.5 -liter disappeared after the 1976 model year from the offer in favor of displacement of weaker, more fuel-efficient engines.

With a length of 5.93 m, the models of the years 1975/1976 the longest year in the house were Buick - "The Last Dinosaur ".

Overall, in about six years 794 833 Electra emerged.

Electra 225 / Electra Limited / Electra Park Avenue / Estate Wagon ( 1976-1984 )

Buick Electra 225 Coupe ( 1976-1979 )

For model year 1977, all full-size models were reduced from GM in the summer of 1976. They were based on the new B- platform from General Motors with wheelbases 295-302 centimeters.

As previously noted the Electra 225 ( on the long wheelbase), the luxury version of the big Buick which was the basis version was called Le Sabre and had the shorter wheelbase. The combination models were associated to the summer of 1980 marketed as a separate model under the name of Buick Estate Wagon, after which they were integrated into the two aforementioned series.

Available Electra was 225 as a base model and a comprehensive equipped Electra 225 Limited, each as a four-door sedan and two-door coupe as. The drive took over V8 engines of 5.7 or 6.6 liters.

1978 grille and tail lights were retouched. In addition to base and Limited came as a new top version, the Electra Park Avenue in the model range.

For model year 1980, Electra received ( the additional 225 accounted for from that time) in the late summer of 1979 as all other models of the B platform a facelift with a flatter, more favorable aerodynamic front. Several measures could fall by about 80 kg weight. The 6.6 -liter engine was no longer available. New base engine was a 4.1 -liter V6 and wish there was a 5.7 ​​-liter V8 or 5.7-liter diesel engine from Oldsmobile. Basic version was now the Electra Limited, while the Electra Park Avenue now used as a top model. The luxury version of the former Buick Estate Wagon station wagon continued as Electra Estate Wagon. In combination was doing a 5.7 liter V8 with 155 or 160 hp his work.

Occurred in 1981 in the combination a standard 5.05 -liter V8 with 140 hp, which there was in the other Electra models, while the 5.7 -liter gasoline accounted for.

In this form, the Electra remained with minor annual changes to April 1984 production.

From the last Electra with rear-wheel drive in almost eight years emerged about 802,000 copies.

Electra / Limited / Park Avenue / Park Avenue Ultra / T -Type (1984-1990)

Buick Electra (1984-1987)

The sedan and the coupe received in the spring of 1984, a smaller, front-drive successor, while the rear-engined Le Sabre were still a year and the Electra combination even further built until 1990.

The Electra of model year 1985 was based on the new C platform of the Group and was the parallel model to Oldsmobile 98, Pontiac Bonneville and Cadillac DeVille. Offered became the new, shrunken to five meters Electra as a base model, more luxurious Electra Park Avenue and sporty set macher T -Type, both as a sedan and coupe. The drive took over V6 engines of 3.0 (only in the base model ) or 3.8 -liter or a 4.3- liter diesel V6.

1986 accounted for the three-liter, the 3.8-liter 15 hp won and now made ​​104 kW (142 hp). The T -Type was only available as a sedan available.

1987, the rectangular double headlights were replaced by recently allowed in the U.S. broadband headlights. The base model was now called Electra Limited.

For the 1989 model year appeared as an additional variant, the Electra - range added to the top, the Electra Park Avenue Ultra with leather upholstery, two-tone paint, B -pillar with chrome inserts, special 15 - inch alloy wheels and ABS.

Until the spring of 1990 originated from Electra with front wheel drive total 565,000 pieces. Successor was the same time presented Buick Park Avenue. The parallel, further built wagon with rear-wheel drive came in the same period to 44,200 more piece before it was replaced by the Buick Roadmaster.