Buick Marquette

Marquette Buick Model 37 Sedan (1930 )

The Buick Marquette was a series of cars that have been manufactured by Buick in the United States only in model year 1930. Since all model numbers started with a 3, you can ( unofficially ) refer to these models as Series 30.

The car had a side-valve six-cylinder in-line engine with 3488 cc, which delivered a power of 67.5 bhp (50 kW). The engine came from the sister company Oldsmobile and was smaller than the other sources of power of Buick vehicles of this vintage. The wheelbase of the car was with 2896 mm also about 4 " lower than that of the next largest models in the series 40 Thus, the Marquette turned the entry-level model dar. With a price of 990-1060 USD he was around U.S. $ 270 cheaper than the 40 series over a single-plate dry clutch and a three -speed transmission with floor shift the rear wheels were driven. All four wheels, which were designed as a wooden spoke wheels were mechanically braked.

In addition to a two-door roadster and a four-door Phaeton, there were also more modern structures, such as a two-door business coupe, a two-door sports coupe and sedans with two or four doors.

1931 Buick were all equipped with eight-cylinder engines. For this purpose, the interpretation of the Marquette did not fit, so he after only one model year and 30 570 copies (50% of four-door sedans ) was discontinued without replacement.