Buick Riviera

The Buick Riviera was a 1963-1998 built large luxury coupe of the American automaker Buick.

Riviera, 1963-1965

The first Rivieras were built from 1963 to 1965. Designed by Chief Designer Bill Mitchell and is moved in the personal luxury cars segment model was launched as a competitor to the four-seat Ford Thunderbird.

Originally Cadillac should produce this model as the successor of La Salle. For capacity reasons, the order was then issued by the automobile company General Motors Buick.

As a fusion of Ferrari and Rolls- Royce, the sports coupe should also gain a foothold in the European luxury market. The design influenced subsequent models of most manufacturers. Bonded windscreen and rear window, new metal bonding process to the body and for an American car unusual, frameless door windows were already pointing the way. The Buick Riviera has won several design awards.

1963 and 1964 even with dual headlights in the grill and in 1965 with folding headlights remained the body unchanged, except for small details. Motorised the Riviera was in 1963 with the Buick Nailhead V8 6.6 - liter with 603 Nm of torque and 325 hp ( 240 kW) or seven- liter V8 with 630 Nm and 340 hp ( 250 kW). The three-speed automatic TH400 1963 was still equipped with the 2 speed Dynaflow automatic transmission from 1964 installed. Starting in 1964, the seven liter with 340 hp to 360 hp (having 2 quad carburetors ) specified. In 1965, as occurring sporty top model in the Riviera Gran Sport ( GS) into the program.

From the Riviera to the first generation of 112 544 pieces were made in three years.

Riviera, 1965-1970

In the fall of 1965, the Riviera received a completely new body with unchanged technology. The engine now was exclusively for the seven- liter V8, which was increased in 1968 from 425 to 430 cubic inches (from 6966 to 7048 cm ³ ) and its performance by from 340 to 360 hp SAE increased (250 and 265 kW). In 1970, a new 7.5 -liter V8 ( 455 cui; SAE-PS/272 370 kW ) are used.

In addition to the basic model, there was still the Riviera GS with sports suspension, limited slip differential (Posi Traction) and sports tires.

From the Riviera to the second generation emerged total of 227 669 copies.

Riviera, 1970-1973

In 1970 he published the third Riviera with pointed " Boattail " Heck, this should remind you of the classic roadster models of the 1930s, but met with an ambivalent response. The Riviera was driven further from the 7.5 -liter V8 to 315 (base model) or 330 hp SAE (Riviera GS) came ( 1972: 253 and 264 net hp).

The Boattail Riviera was built in three years 101 618 times.

Riviera, 1973-1976

The fourth generation of the Riviera fell after become loud criticism and the moderate heel of the Boattail model with ordinary saloon from very conventional. The 7.5 -liter fell in power to 213 hp ( 157 kW), from 1975 to 208 hp ( 154 kW). In 1975 a minor facelift which gave the Riviera Rectangular double headlights.

From this model generation that had lost much of its stature, only 54 741 units were built in three years.

Riviera, 1976-1978

1976 Buick launched a much smaller and lighter Riviera on the basis of the presented simultaneously, also renewed Buick Le Sabre / Electra Buick models. In this model, it was basically a Le Sabre Coupe with slight retouching styling and upgraded amenities. Was driven by approximately 300 kg of shrunk in length by 10 cm and abundant in weight Riviera by a 5.7-liter V8 with four -barrel carburetor and 157 hp ( 115 kW) or at the request of that provided by a Oldsmobile 6.6 -liter V8 of 188 hp ( 138 kW).

From this generation emerged 46 673 pieces.

The 1978 Buick Riviera was built for the 75th Anniversary Buick (birthday model ) as a special model LXXV only 1,400 times.

Riviera, 1979-1985

As of 1979, the parent company General Motors personnel Luxury Models Buick Riviera, Oldsmobile Toronado and Cadillac Eldorado to a common basis ( e- platform ); the models differed only by stylistic details of the styling, the interior and partly also by their engines. At the same time the Riviera was first converted to front wheel drive.

The new Riviera had to be on a separate frame, but now possessed independently suspended rear wheels instead of the rigid axle. In addition to the basic model, which had a 5.7-liter V8 ( 157 PS/115 kW), was a Riviera S-Type with a 172 hp (126 kW ) four -barrel carburetor version of the house turbocharged 3.8-liter V6 offered, which did not exist for Eldorado and Toronado; In return, the Oldsmobile diesel V8 in the Riviera was initially not available. 1981 S-Type in T- Type was renamed, new base engine was a 127 hp (93 kW) 4.1 leis border -liter V6, a five-liter V8 ( 142 PS/104 kW ) replaced the previous 5.7-liter and the Olds diesel engine with 5.7 liter displacement and 106 hp (78 kW) moved in addition to the offer. In the spring of 1982, a Riviera - Cabriolet, its reconstruction was carried out at ASC first appeared in an edition of 500 copies for the time being. In 1984 the turbo V6 an electronically controlled fuel injection and strengthened to 193 hp ( 142 kW).

From the first front-drive Riviera 370 282 units were built in six years, including 3898 convertibles.

Riviera, 1985-1993

As the siblings of the E -platform models was also the Riviera subjected to the model 1986, a radical Verkleinerungskur and shrank in the wheelbase by 15 in length by almost 50 cm and weight by about 300 kg. It stayed around for front wheel drive and independent suspension. Were offered exclusively as a base model coupe and sporting T -Type, driven by an injected 3.8-liter naturally aspirated V6 ( 142 kW PS/103 from 1987 PS/112 152 kW).

Since the scale models with the audience very bad arrived ( sales fell from 64,000 units in 1985 to 8,600 copies in 1987 ), received the Riviera for the 1989 model year a major facelift with wider C-pillar and almost 30 cm extended rear end. At the same time the performance of the 3.8 - liter 167 hp was increased (123 kW). In 1991, the Riviera, a 172 hp (126 kW) version of this engine and an electronic four-speed automatic.

In this form, the Riviera remained until the summer of 1993 in the program; There were a total of 119 748 copies in 7 years.

Riviera, 1994-1998

Beginning of 1994 presented a new Buick Riviera and so far last, again exclusively as a front-wheel drive coupe, motorized with a naturally aspirated 3.8-liter V6 of the (208 PS/153 kW) or a compressor variant of this engine (228 kW PS/168 ) each paired with an electronically controlled four-speed automatic. 1996, the performance of the compressor version to 243 horsepower was increased (179 kW).

Until the expiry of production in late 1998 caused a total of around 90,000 copies.