Buick Somerset

Buick Somerset (1985-1987)

The Buick Somerset was a series of cars that have been manufactured in the model years 1985 to 1987 by Buick in the United States. The early 1980s, Buick used the name for a series of equipment package shelf.

The Somerset was one of the scaled vehicle types, which built on the GM N platform. Actually, the Somerset should replace the Skylark, the name came but not to the public. In 1985, the car was brought out as Somerset Regal, in the following year the name was, however, reduced to Somerset and added a four-door sedan called Skylark.

Buick's strategy for dealing with the label Skylark was not new. In 1975 a two-door coupe with the original name Chevrolet Nova was renamed Buick Skylark, the four-door sedans were sold under the name Buick Apollo. In model year 1988 it dropped the name Somerset, and all models were called Skylark.

The Somerset was not such a great sales as the Pontiac Grand Am, which was based on the same platform. Despite its small size, the Somerset had some interesting equipment details, such as digital instruments and a very luxurious interior design.


The Somerset was powered by a four-cylinder engine with 2.5 liter displacement and 92-135 nhp ( 68-99 kW) or by a six-cylinder V-engine with 3.0 liter displacement and 125 nhp (92 kW).


One reason for complaints was the audio system that was mounted above the center console between the driver and passenger seat. Since the system was not built in a typically provided standard shaft, there was no place for audio systems are refilled from the aftermarket. If you wanted to install a better sound system, so had to be made on the dashboard accordingly extensive and expensive modifications.

The fully digital instrument panel caused a series of electrical problems. The digital speed level indicator proved, for example, as much less durable than the corresponding analog display and held an average of only about three years.

The grille could easily break through engine vibration or on bad roads. The plastic part broke out respectively at the attachment points, since there were no flexible connections available, which could dampen the vibrations.