Built-up area (Highway Code)

  • Signs of the built-up area

Village sign ( back)

The built-up area is a fixed term of the German Road Traffic Regulations and describes the spatial correlation of ( residential) buildings. The term is used to distinguish this area from the free section and is, their own transport arrangements. The road user is shown the beginning and the end of the built-up area with the help of a yellow sign for the village ( traffic signs 310 and 311 in accordance with § 42 Section 2 Road Traffic Regulations ). Any other signs has no legal liability.

Traffic rules

Within a closed village special traffic rules apply. The following (incomplete ) list gives some examples of the Highway Code:

  • Speed ​​limit to 50 km / h for all vehicles except on motorways ( see § 3 para 3, No. 1 Highway Code )
  • Free lane choice for vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes gross vehicle weight on roads with more than one marked lane in that direction, except on urban motorways. The right driving is so far removed, on the right lane may be driven faster than the left (see § 7 paragraph 3 Highway Code )
  • Parking ban 5 m in front of a St. Andrew's cross ( see § 12 paragraph 3 No. 6 Highway Code ); In contrast, outside built-up areas 50 m,
  • Prohibition of the regular parking with Truck over 7,5 t gross weight in pure and general residential and spa and clinic areas (see Park, prohibitions, § 12, paragraph 3a Highway Code )
  • When parking during hours of darkness sufficient parking lights ( see § 17 para 4 Highway Code )
  • The intention of overtaking may not be announced by horn or headlamp flasher ( see § 16 para 1 Highway Code ).


From the built-up general localities are to be distinguished, on the road explicitly by the local billboard ( 385 road signs in accordance with § 42 para 2 Highway Code ) is alerted as directional signs. There, the above-mentioned apply not specific traffic rules.