Bulgaria in the Eurovision Song Contest

This article deals with the history of Bulgaria as a participant in the Euro Vision Song Contest.

Regularity of participation and success in competition

Bulgaria has been increasing since 2005 regularly at Euro Vision Song Contest, although rumor has it that the national broadcaster BNT wanted to participate in 1996. However, the first contribution of Lorraine coffee did not qualify for the finals, as well as the following Let Me Cry Mariana Popova. With the song Water Eliza Todorova and Stoyan Jankulow succeeded in 2007, the finals, where the fifth place. This is still the best placement of the country and his only finals. In the following years, the Deep Zone Project Board with DJ Balthazar 2008, Poli Genowa 2011 and Sofi Marinowa 2012 just from Krassimir Avramov and Miroslaw Kostadinov 2009 and 2010, as the third- last of their semifinal quite clearly. 2013 occurred the second time Eliza Todorova and Stoyan Jankulow, the only previous finalists Bulgaria, for their land to, but failed this time also in the semifinals. With this total missed eighth finals, Bulgaria now shares with the Netherlands and Slovenia the negative record for the most common failure in the semifinals. 2014 you will not be there for the first time.


Although Water had an English title, it was sung in Bulgarian, which marks the first appearance of language in the competition. Also Na inat (2011) was sung entirely in native language, Angel si ti ( You Are an Angel ) contained, besides Bulgarian and English lines, but there are also a purely English and Bulgarian version. The contribution Sofi Marinowas of 2012 contained lines of text in Turkish, Greek, Spanish, Serbo-Croatian, French, Romani, English, Azerbaijani and Italian. The remaining contributions were sung entirely in English, but Mariana Popova also took a Bulgarian version of Let Me Cry (2006) on ..

National preliminary decisions

All Bulgarian contributions were elected to public preliminary rounds, which took place under different systems. 2005-2007 a ​​semi-final took place before the final. There ruled a jury of experts, the final was decided by televoting. There were allegations in 2005 that coffee already determined in vorherein as the winner, which is why the duo Slavi Trifonov and Sofi Marinowa refused in the live broadcast to sing their contribution ( yet they reached the second place ). 2008 and 2009 (see: Be A Star ) were added several quarter-finals. 2010, however, turned the previously nominated Miro in a consignment five songs before, as well Elitsa Todorova and Stoyan Yankoulov 2013 with three titles. In 2011, only one shipment took place, but with 19 different artists. 2012 took two semi-finals take place before the actual finale.

List of posts

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