The Bullatosauria are applicable today as obsolete taxon within the dinosaur group of theropods. They were minted in 1994 by the American paleontologist Thomas R. Holtz Jr. and was a common taxon Ornithomimosauria and Troodontidae. Even today the Spinosauridae associated Irritator was slammed in 1996 by its described this group, however, they have made clear that he had a great many features that were not previously described for the Bullatosauria.

The name Bullatosauria refers to the beaded sphenoid, the two taxa in common. Holtz held in 1994, these two groups of sister groups, however, rejected his own views in 1999. Most paleontologists today hold the Troodontidae for far more detail with the birds and the Dromaeosauridae as related to the Ornithomimosauria why the Bullatosauria are now considered outdated.

Pictures of Bullatosauria