Bundesautobahn 85

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The Federal Highway 85 (abbreviated as BAB 85) - Short form: Highway 85 ( Abbreviation: A 85 ) - ( " Filderstadt Highway " ) was a planned highway that would serve as a bypass of some places and as a city highway Stuttgart. The A 85 would be north of Schwäbisch Hall of the A6 south west of Schwäbisch Hall running in a southerly direction. South of Schwäbisch Hall, the highway would have followed the course of state road 14 or the K 2576. You would then also served as a bypass of Backnang. Their course would then complied with the federal road 14, which corresponds to a yellow highway from north creek people. The avoidance of Winnenden then continues to the junction of the Federal Highway 29 (planned and discarded: A87 ) southeast of Waiblingen.

The highway would then proceed toward the west, where they would have interbred with the planned and also rejected A 80. Neuhausen near a motorway junction with the A8 would be created.

The A 85 would then continue the course of the present Federal highway 312 followed where in Metzingen another motorway junction would be created with the planned and rejected A 84. From Reutlingen from a continuation of the A 85 to Ertingen and further to the north of Ravensburg would have been considered for the planned and rejected A 89. This building would have the federal highways B 313 and B 32 is replaced.

The planning of the A 85 was abandoned.

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