Bundesbahn Central Offices

The Federal Railroad Central Offices ( BZA ) in Minden and Munich were the offices of the German Federal Railroad responsible for key tasks in the areas of technical development (especially of the vehicles and the superstructure ) and the obtaining, updating of general rules in the field of technology and of accounting and statistical services.


After 1945, the functions of the former Reichsbahn Central Office Berlin were under the new name Federal Railroad Central Office first in Göttingen, then from 1950 in Minden, to parallel in Munich - it was in 1920 - perceived. After the founding of the Deutsche Bahn AG as of 1 January 1994, the Federal Railroad central offices were incorporated into the new corporate structure; then, to Minden mainly tasks for management sector 5 - Research and Technology - perceived. Other research activities of Deutsche Bahn AG place in Munich on location Völckersstraße place on the grounds of the former German railway repair plant Freimann.

An essential task of the Federal Railroad central offices, the development of vehicles, there are no longer on sides of the web. As part of the conversion to the German Bahn AG and the consequent realignment, the German Bahn buys today vehicles in the industry, a; Own developments as before it no longer exists.

Some of the tasks of the BZA took over the Research and Technology Centre ( FTZ ), which passed his hand into the DB Systemtechnik.

Federal Railroad Experimental Bureau

Assigned to the central offices in Minden and Munich was the Federal Railroad Experimental Bureau (Versa ). This was responsible for the testing of rails and vehicles. Were pre Hold for several test car and own locomotives which served inter alia as a brake locomotives.

Predecessor to 1945 was to, inter alia, the Locomotive Experimental Bureau Grunewald.

For many years, put the Assay Office steam locomotives as a brake locomotives with counter-pressure brake on, including 44 404 and 45 010 The inventory also included locomotives of series 18 316, 18 323, 18 451 and 24 061 After their withdrawal in the 1970s took on diesel and electric locomotives these tasks.

Stationed in Minden was also the InterCityExperimental. The structure of the experimental offices owned several electric locomotives of the DB Class 103 as well as a prototype locomotive of the DB Class 120

Pictures of Bundesbahn Central Offices