Bundesverband deutscher Banken

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The Federal Association of German Banks ( BdB Bank Association ) represents the interests of private banks in the Federal Republic of Germany. He has the legal form of a registered association.

Structures and tasks

The BdB was founded in 1951 in Cologne. He sees himself as the successor of the company founded in 1901 Central Association of the German Bank and Bankers. This had been formed as part of the Nazi Reich Group 1934 Private banks in the economy group banking industry. 1999, the office was moved to Berlin. In addition, the BdB maintains an office in Brussels and is a member of the European Banking Federation. The subsidiary bank -Verlag GmbH has its headquarters still in Cologne.

The association represents approximately 210 private credit institutions. His responsibilities include the information of its member banks and associations, lobbying in the policy, cooperation with other organizations, for example in the German banking industry, and to participate in the formation of public opinion. In addition, the BdB claims to reduce bureaucracy, to reduce the national debt and to European integration.

BdB has received the deposit insurance fund for accounts with member banks and has for the banks affiliated to a process for the settlement of customer complaints with a neutral ombudsman and the involvement of consumer associations created, the result for the member banks up to an amount in dispute of 5,000 euros is binding.

Regional associations

Associated themselves alongside the banks - as a legally independent associations - eleven regional associations such as the Bavarian and the East German Banking Association. The private banks are Member in whose territory they maintain offices in all provincial associations.


The Federal Association of German Banks is a member of the European Movement.

Board shaft and the Bureau

The Association is governed by a board elected for three years. The Board seats are divided among the banks by categories. The big banks represent one member, the private bankers two, the three regional banks, foreign banks, a board member. In addition, the chief executive of the BdB is ex-officio board member. For this Board a president and two deputies are elected. It tries to make alternate the presidency between the major banks and the private or regional banks.

The president of the BdB in chronological order:

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