Bunkeflo IF

Bunkeflo IF was a Swedish football club based in Bunkleflostrand, a suburb of Malmö.


The club was founded in 1945 played a long time only unterklassig. 1999, the club rose the first time in the Division 3, 2003, the promotion to the Division 2 Two years later, the club champion, however, was in the third division, in qualifying for the second-rate Superettan the team failed to Jönköping Södra IF. At the end of the 2006, however, after the runner reached the summit in the second division. There, the club missed six points adrift of GIF Sundsvall, which finished third promotion place, in fifth march through in the Allsvenskan. On 1 January 2008, the club joined together with Limhamns IF to IF Limhamn Bunkeflo.

Pictures of Bunkeflo IF