Burchard I, Duke of Swabia

Burchard I of Swabia (* 855-860; † 5 November or 23 November 911, executed ) was the first Duke of Swabia ( 909-911 ), Margrave in Raetia and Count in the Thurgau and Baar.


Burchard was the son of Count Adalbert II of the illustrious in the Thurgau ( 825-905 ), great-grandson of the Marquis Hunfried I of Istria and Raetia, and Judith born of Friuli ( 830-902 ). ( April 29 926 † fallen before Novara * 885 ) and Udalrich of Swabia (* 884 or 885; † unknown) out of his marriage to an unknown woman the children Burchard II, went. Burchard went to 909 the successor of Ruadulf from the Guelph dynasty as Dux, Comes or Markgraf for the border region of Raetia region. Burchard also managed since 889 the county Bertold Baar.

Burchard was around 900 of the most powerful ruler in Swabia. In a barter agreement of 904 Burchard is found also as bailiff of the Swabian estates of the monastery of Lorsch. In order to expand his power, he began to Palatine Erchanger, a loyal subordinates of Conrad I, and the Bishop Solomon III. to intrigue of Konstanz, abbot of the monastery of St. Gall (→ Appenzell Ausserrhoden ). Burchard was captured and indicted by the Swabian parliament of treason, they found him guilty. His son, Burchard II, and his wife Regilinde were able to escape to their relationship to Italy, but lost possession in Swabia and Raetia. Burchard and his brother Adalbert, Count of Thurgau, were executed in the year 911.