Burchard III, Duke of Swabia

. Burchard III, latin Burchardus, Burgardus, (* 906 or 915; † 11 or November 12 973 ) from the noble family of Burchard Inger was Margrave of ( Chur ) Raetia, Count in Thurgau and Zürichgau and 954-973 Duke of Swabia.


Burchard was a son of Duke Burchard II of Swabia and his wife Linda regulations.

For his early years is believed that Burchard was brought to his father's death ( 926 ) to Saxony and there married presumably with Wieltrud from the family of Immedinger so as not to disturb the circles of the new Swabian duke Hermann I..

From 950-954 Liudolf was son of King Otto I and son Hermann I, Duke of Swabia. After an unsuccessful revolt against his father Liudolf lost his duchy, was invested with the 954 in the national assembly of Arnstadt Burchard. His relationship with Queen Adelaide of Burgundy may have played a positive role in this investiture.

Burchard belonged to the circle of confidants and companions of the East Frankish king Otto I, with whom he fought on August 10, 955 at the Battle of Lechfeld and whom he accompanied on with his Italian expeditions. 965 he was commissioned to lead Otto's third expedition to Italy against King Berengar II of Italy. Burchard's victory at the Battle of Po on June 25, 965 Otto secured the Lombard duchies in southern Italy and 972 whose inclusion in the Holy Roman Empire.

954 married Burchard Hadwig, a daughter of the Bavarian duke Henry I and sister of the later Bavarian Duke Henry II; together they donated 970 at Hohentwiel that the hl. Georg consecrated Benedictine monastery.

Burchard died in November 973 and was in the - buried Erasmus chapel of the church of the monastery of Reichenau on the nearby island of Reichenau in Lake Constance - no longer exists today.

After Burchards death of King Otto II forgave the duchy to Otto I of Swabia, the son of his half-brother Liudolf.

Marriage ( s) and offspring

Burchard said to have been married twice: In the first ( historically not assignable ) marriage with Wieltraut from the family of Immedinger; from this marriage five children to have emerged:

  • Bertha
  • Dietrich I ( † July 13 982 ), possible progenitor of the House of Wettin
  • Burchard IV ( * before 950; † July 13 982 ), Count of Liesgau and Hassegau
  • Herman
  • Rich Hamel

However, this marriage and their possible children can not be supported with scientific sources.

In historically only occupied marriage Burchard had been 954 Hadwig (* 939/940/945; † August 26 994 ) married, daughter of the Bavarian duke Henry I; the marriage was probably childless.