Burckhardt Compression

Burckhardt Compression Holding AG with headquarters in Winterthur is an international manufacturer of compressors.

The Group employs around 920 people and includes its own subsidiaries in 12 countries and agents in 42 countries. In fiscal year 2010/2011 the company generated a turnover of about 356 million Swiss francs. In June 2006, Burckhardt Compression Holding is listed on the Swiss Stock Exchange SWX Swiss Exchange.

Field of activity

The field of activity of Burckhardt Compression mainly includes the manufacture of labyrinth piston compressors, process gas compressors, hyper compressors and fuel gas compressors. Burckhardt Compression is the world's only manufacturer that produces all three types of compressors.

These find application in the chemical, petrochemical, refining, air separation and gas transport and storage and are required to gases - eg Hydrocarbon or industrial gases - to compress, cool or liquefy.


The company was founded in 1844 as a mechanical workshop of Franz Burckhardt in Basel. Under the leadership of his son, August Burckhardt, Maschinenfabrik Burckhardt began in 1878 with the construction of compressors and vacuum pumps, specializing in the sequence in this area.

1969 Maschinenfabrik Burckhardt was part of Sulzer AG, whereby a second location in Winterthur arose. In 2000, all operations were merged in Winterthur and Basel site closed. 2001, the headquarters was moved to Winterthur.

In June 2002, the company has become independent through a management buyout and renamed Burckhardt Compression AG. At the same time, the group was with the founding of Burckhardt Compression Holding AG, a holding company structure. In June 2006 the company was taken public through a IPO.