Burgan field

Burgan (Arabic برقان, Burqān DMG ) is an oil field in Kuwait. It was discovered in February 1938 and included initially about 65 billion barrels of oil. This makes it the second largest oil field in the world behind Ghawar in Saudi Arabia. About 1.7 million barrels of oil are promoted daily. According to the Kuwait Oil Company, the field has reached its production peak in 2005.

It could also indirectly indicate the granted by the Oil Minister Sheikh Ali Jarrah Al sheikdom of -Sabah in June 2007 fact that the whole country itself only about 48 billion barrels of oil Concerning operative instead of a long time claimed 101 billion barrels. Al -Sabah hinted at the same time, Kuwait Concerning operative nor more than 150 billion barrels of oil to "probable " reserves. However, these reserves must be regarded as unproven. Should they prove to be true, then it could, according to the international petroleum geologists network ASPO (Director: Colin J. Campbell) his previous production level maintained until 2025, before the country would experience the gradual exhaustion of its oil reserves, Kuwait.