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Burgas Airport ( Bulgarian Летище Бургас / Letischte Bourgas) is located north of the center of Burgas ( Bulgaria) and is bordered to the south by the municipality Sarafovo. He is the second oldest and today with 2.3 million passengers (2012), according to the Sofia Airport, the busiest airport in Bulgaria. The tourist resorts Sunny beach, Nessebar, Obzor, Pomorie, Sozopol and Djuni are located in a radius of 10 km to 40 km. It is also used for military purposes by NATO and the Bulgarian Air Force. The airport is used as an aviation hub of several Bulgarian Airlines.

With a length of 3200m, the airstrip is also suitable for wide-body jets such as the Boeing 747 until the opening of the new runway at Sofia Airport Burgas had the longest runway in Bulgaria. In October 2010, the expansion and construction of the airport began.

Transport links

Burgas Airport is 10 km north from the city center and can be reached via the highway towards Varna. The airport is separated from the inner city only by the Atanassow Lake, which is partially overflown at Starting and landing. The number 15 bus urban transport operation Burgasbus connects the airport with the city center of Burgas. Line 15 operates daily 5-23 clock on a 25 minute cycle between the main station on the city's hospital, the glaze Stadium, the city district Sarafovo to the airport.


1927 selected (later Air France), the location on a hill, about 10 kilometers northeast of Bourgas Airport of experts from the French airline CIDNA. In 1942, German engineers and Geodäsisten built from the Burgas airport to facilitate the landing of larger aircraft. The airport was electrified in this conversion and equipped with large fuel tanks.

On June 29, 1947 with a scheduled flight to land the first 14 passengers in a Junkers Ju 52 This date is now considered birth of the Bulgarian Civil Aviation. Between 1962 and 1963, a runway made ​​of reinforced concrete was built by a length of 2600m, which was extended between 1977 and 1979 to 3200m. The result described the national press as " the most modern airport in Bulgaria" and " air - palace Burgas ". 1970, the Burgas airport is the international airport. Landed or launched aircraft from 45 destinations. In 1980, the Burgas airport is classified as the only " second category" as the airport. In 1991, the Burgas Airport was the first airport Bulgarian member of the World Federation of airports ACI was.

Since 2001, the United States Air Force uses the airport for stopovers, as a basis for air refueling operations, as well as the nearby American military base "Camp Sarafovo " for the air envelope. Therefore, in addition tanker aircraft from Boeing KC- 135 and McDonnell Douglas KC -10 military often widebody aircraft as well as those of civilian contractors such as Kalitta Air and Volga -Dnepr Airlines are to be found. Renovation and modernization of the airport in 2001 was partially financed by the United States Agency for International Development. Meanwhile, wrap the Bulgarian Air Force transport flying over the airport from Burgas.

End of 2004, the Burgas Airport was awarded "Best Bulgarian airport " and received as the most dynamically developing airport of Bulgaria covers a price the Ministry of Transport. As a result of the financial crisis from 2007 and the associated stagnation of tourism, in 2009 approximately 1.7 million passengers were ( -11.99 % over the previous year) and 15,634 flights are ( -7.77 % yoy ) settled.

Due to the favorable meteorological conditions of weather closures things are rare. For this reason, he often acts as alternate aerodrome for the rest of the Bulgarian airports. Domestic flights are offered to Sofia and Varna, international scheduled traffic is to Vienna, London, Budapest, Tel Aviv and Moscow.

On July 18, 2012 7 people were killed in an attack on a tour bus outside the airport, including five Israelis and a Bulgarian. Up to 32 other people, including two Russians were injured, some seriously.


Due to the high investment required to modernize and expand the airport to the operation of the airport in 2006 at the German Fraport AG was privatized by tender and a 35- year concession for the airports of Varna and Burgas to Fraport Twin Star Airport Management AD, ( operator of the airport Frankfurt / Main) is involved, forgiven. When awarding the Fraport Group has asserted against the Danish Copenhagen Airports A / S.

The Burgas Airport Ltd.. plans to invest € 49.6 million in the expansion by 2009 and complete. Of this amount, € 33.5 million be included for the construction of a new 43,200 square meter passenger terminal.


Some airlines fly to Burgas in scheduled service. In summer, use a large number of charter airlines from all over Europe the airport.


Burgas Airport received on the following days the " millionth passenger " of each year:

  • 2005 - mid-August,
  • 2006 - August 3,
  • 2007 - July 30
  • 2008 - July 28
  • 2009 - August 6
  • 2011 - July 26

2006 were counted in Burgas 1,816,329 and 14,429 aircraft movements. On 2 October 2007 another record year was recorded as the mark of 1.9 million passengers was reached ( for the whole of 2006 1,802,035 passengers were handled ). 2010, although an increase in the number of passengers of 11.12 % was recorded compared to the previous year, but this figure was still below that of 2008. Way for the whole of 2010, 1,894,109 passengers were welcomed. The majority of them were German tourists.

Burgas Airport received on the following days the "two millionth passenger " of each year:

  • 2011 - September 16,
  • 2012 - September 1,
  • 2013 - 28 August