Burgerbibliothek of Berne

The Burger Library of Bern at the Münstergasse 63 in Bern is the library and the archives of Bern civic community.

The burgers Bern Library collects and preserves valuable and internationally significant holdings of manuscripts, archives and image documents. It exists since 1951 and owes its foundation to the conversion of the former City and University Library (now the Central Library of the University Library of Berne ) into a foundation. Here you autonomized their manuscript department by built an independent burger Library of Bern. Today the Burgerbibliothek Bern is a public scientific archive.

The Burger Library of Bern covers four areas:

  • Private archives: Bernese and Swiss discounts, family archives, company archives and company archives. In these stocks to find the Bernese Chronicles, including the Government Chronicle and the Spiez Chronicle of Diebold Schilling the Elder, and the estates of prominent personalities such as Albrecht von Haller, Karl Ludwig von Haller, Jeremias Gotthelf, Albert Anker, Rudolf von Tavel, Philipp Emanuel Fell mountain, Johann Rudolf Gruner, Charles Howald, Ernst Kreidolf, Rudolf Abraham Schiferli, Gottlieb Samuel Studer and many more.
  • Bongarsiana / Codices: The stock of medieval and early modern manuscripts comprises around 1,000 most valuable manuscripts, including 200 manuscripts from the Carolingian period. The largest part of the manuscript collection goes back to the French scholar and diplomat Jacques Bongars (1554-1612), whose collection has come to Bern in 1632. Among the relics of the collection include, inter alia, the only surviving manuscript of Liber ad honorem Augusti of Peter of Ebulo (12th century ), a richly illustrated Prudentius Codex ( 9th century ) and various comments on Virgil and Lucan ( 9-10 c.), the as Scholia Bernensia are known.
  • Graphics and Photography: The collection mainly comprises the historical topography of the city of Bern, their environment and the Bernese seats, but also includes many subjects of cultural and historical interest, a collection of portraits and documentation, and the estates of artists such as Friedrich Walthard (1818-1870), Rudolf Münger ( 1862-1929), Rudolf Mumprecht (* 1918) or Daniel de Quervain (* 1937).
  • Civic Community Archives: In its role as a community archive of the civic community of the Burgerbibliothek Bern secures both the administrative archives of the burger union facilities as well as the archives of the burger union societies and guilds.

In addition, the Burgerbibliothek Bern performs various serials.