Burnaby is a city in southwestern British Columbia, Canada. It is located east of Vancouver and is the administrative seat of the district of Metro Vancouver.


The urban area of ​​Burnaby covers an area of 98.6 km ² and is located in the geographic center of the district of Metro Vancouver and the Burrard Peninsula. In the West, Burnaby adjacent to Vancouver, on the east by Port Moody, Coquitlam and New Westminster, to the north by Burrard Inlet and the south by the Fraser River. The terrain is characterized by rolling hills, valleys, lakes and an alluvial plain. The highest point is the 370 m high summit of Burnaby Mountain.


Prior to the settlement of European immigrants in the 1850s, the area of Burnaby was a largely unspoilt woodland. Until the opening of the transcontinental railway line of the Canadian Pacific Railway in 1887, only isolated farms and sawmills emerged. The boom began in 1891 after the opening tram ride from Vancouver to New Westminster. This year, the country was parceled out along the route and sold. On September 24, 1892 was the official founding of the church Burnaby, named after Robert Burnaby, who along with Walter Moberly was looking for coal in 1859 later in Burrard Inlet.

In the centenary in 1992 Burnaby received its town charter.


The census in 2011 showed a population of 223 220 inhabitants for the city. The city's population has thereby increased since the census of 2006 at 10.1%, while the population in British Columbia grew simultaneously only by 7.0%.


Burnaby is an important center of high technology. Major companies include Electronic Arts, Creo (now part of Eastman Kodak), eBay, Ballard Power Systems and Telus. The solar industry is represented by " Day4Energy ". Along the Burrard Inlet are oil refineries of Chevron Corporation and Petro-Canada. Of the employment figures, the areas of trade and research and development are the biggest.

The average income of all employees was from Burnaby in 2005 22 319 C $, while at the same time with 24 867 C $ was around one tenth more on average in the entire province of British Columbia. The percentage difference in earnings between men ( 27,494 C $; provincial average = 31 598 C $ ) and women ( 18,752 C $; provincial average = 19 997 C $) falls in Burnaby, based on the average income of all workers in the province, less than in comparison to the entire province. The comparison to the province average falls different for men and women. In men, the percentage of sub Scheid is based on the comparison Province (~ 1.1 times the provincial average) slightly above average, while women (~ 0.75 times the provincial average) earn significantly less than the average for all workers in the province. Gender group In terms of the comparison is again different. Although male workers earn compared to the provincial average of all more employees compared to male employees in the province they earn below average (~ 0.87 times the average of all men). The income of female employees in comparison between all female employees in the province also slightly lower average (~ 0.93 times the average of all women).


Is accessed by two Burnaby SkyTrain lines, the 1986 opened Expo Line and the Millennium Line opened in 2002.


The city has two universities, Simon Fraser University and the British Columbia Institute of Technology.


  • Karl Alzner, ice hockey player (* 1988)
  • Michael Buble, Jazz singer and actor ( b. 1975 )
  • Michael Cuccione, actor and musician (1985-2001)
  • Jason LaBarbera, ice hockey player ( b. 1980 )
  • Darren McCarty, ice hockey player ( b. 1972 )
  • Matthew Good, rock musician ( b. 1971 )
  • Carrie- Anne Moss, actress ( b. 1967 )
  • Ryan Nugent -Hopkins, hockey player (* 1993)
  • Joe Sakic, ice hockey player ( b. 1969 )
  • Josh Simpson, football player ( b. 1983 )
  • Greg Zanon, ice hockey player ( b. 1980 )

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