Burow is a municipality in the northeast of the county Mecklenburg Lake District. The municipality is located north of Neubrandenburg. Until 1 January 2004, the municipality was part of the Office Tollensetal and has since become part of the Office Treptower Tollensewinkel.

Geography and transport

Burow is located about ten kilometers north of the Old Treptow. The state road 35, formerly B 96, runs through the town. The A20 can be reached via the Anklam connection. Thanks to the southeast of the village flows the Tollense.


  • Nature Discovery Park Mühlenhagen


  • Burow
  • Mühlenhagen
  • Weltzin


In November 2011, archaeologists from the State Office of Culture and Monuments found in the district Weltzin a hoard consisting of 280 silver coins of the late 16th to early 17th century. The shillings and crowns were probably buried in a clay pot in the Thirty Years' War. The community was named by the end of June 1973 Weltzin.


  • Anita White, (* July 16, 1955 ), track and field athlete